Our Mission

To increase the attractiveness of the region as a tourism destination and to boost the number of local and international tourist visits by pooling the resources and capabilities of the main players in tourism and related industries.

Collaborations conducted through the non-profit tourism marketing organization will create and implement a tourism development program in the region. The program’s start point is the marketing plan “Vision 2025”.

To build a visitor friendly environment and to advance the significance and value of tourism among local residents.

It is important to explain to local residents the value of tourism as a “green” industry and its direct dependence on visitors’ experience - which is determined by the level of hospitality provided by residents of a particular destination.

PRTA is the operator of special project “Vladivostok Agents.” PRTA plans to organize educational and motivational events with cooperation of members to support initiatives that create information products aimed at improving visitors’ experience in the region and to implement education projects developed for different types of specialists who interact with tourists and visitors.

To build a professional destination marketing organization that will be integrated into the network of international development institutions and tourism industry associations in the Asia Pacific region and Russia.

PRTA can deliver international experience to local tourism industry players and provide for the region’s integration into the worldwide network. Moreover, PRTA is able to represent the voice of regional industry associations and unions in Russia and on the international stage.

To create and promote complex tourism products based on the needs of target markets and considering the latest market trends.

The expertise of PRTA in marketing, brand building and advertising will allow market players to inprove the quality and competiveness of their tourism products.

To develop effective communication channels between private business, community, and government organs on local, regional, and federal levels.

Today the most effective tool for implementing this task is cooperation between PRTA and tourism development institutions on the basis of projects that are part of official government programs.