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Pacific Russia Tourism Alliance is a noncommercial organization established in 2016 by group initiative:

Port Cafe

Every company or organization that deals with tourism and hospitability, including but not limited to the following:

Travel business
Tour operators, travel agencies, excursion bureaus.
Достопримечательности, места показа и досуга
Sightseeing, attractions
Museums, theatres, entertainment complexes, concert platforms, play zones, night clubs, beaches and so on.
Общественное питание
Food service
Restaurants, bars, cafes.
Department stores, souvenir shops, manufacturers.
Объекты транспортной инфраструктуры и логистические услуги
Airports, marine terminals, railroad stations, air operators, transport operators, small fleet, rent service companies.
Места размещения
Hotels, hostels, resorts, pensions.
Событийный сектор
Event planning service
MICE committees

Partnership Opportunities

Today tourism is objectively considered an industry that can positively impact development of the Pacific Russia economy and perhaps change its structure. Cooperative work with PRTA makes it possible to create effective tools for co-promoting the region as a tourism destination, as well as niche business projects and public initiatives aimed at increasing visits by domestic and international tourists.

PRTA members receive the following benefits:
  • participation in inter-industry events organized by PRTA aimed at connecting various businesses with each other by building a business network;
  • working in PRTA ad hoc committees to solve problems of specific businesses in particular segments of the tourism market (for example: cruise tourism committee; Chinese, Japanese or Korean committees);
  • participation in PRTA projects developed to promote Pacific Russia region in general, as well as in individual projects launched to resolve issues of specific businesses;
  • participation in educational projects under special conditions (discounts and bonuses);
  • the opportunity to be elected to PRTA board of directors and influence the organization’s marketing strategy;
  • free placement of advertisements on PRTA web-site.
  • participation in developing the marketing plan “Vision 2025”;
  • participation in decision making process to determine the further development of tourism industry in the region by using the following instruments:
    • applying the right to initiate legislation;
    • participating in public discussion of government projects and initiatives;
    • implementing particular niche business projects with cooperative support of other tourism industry participants;
    • collaborating with government authorities and institutes of development.
  • initiation and marketing support in attracting investments for launching new projects aimed at developing the tourism infrastructure of the region.
  • access to industry data including qualitative and quantitative marketing research conducted by PRTA;
  • subscription to PRTA email newsletters (tourism industry news);
  • priority access to shared promotional channels unavailable to other industry players (for example, web-site translated into English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese versions, plus multi-lingual social media accounts);
  • joint marketing programs with other PRTA members and partners;
  • individual marketing projects aimed at solving specific problems of particular business with professional help of PRTA specialists;
  • participation in other advertising projects launched by PRTA with special conditions (discounts and benefits);
  • professional travel-content aimed to promote the business projects to b2b audience as well as to final consumers: visitors and travelers;
  • free listings on PRTA corporate web-site and online travel guide

Membership Status

All operational expenses of PRTA are covered by participant membership fees and monetary contributions made by private businesses and governmental institutions for marketing services and for implementation of specific niche marketing projects.


Any organization who wishes to obtain “member” status must pay an annual membership fee of 99,000 rubles (equivalent to “Basic” package with fixed price of 120,000 rubles for PRTA non-members). Full membership allows a company to participate in PRTA working committees and the board of directors, which is elected at member meetings.

As an additional option, every member can upgrade its membership status to the “Premium” package. Payment can be made as a paid service agreement or as a monetary contribution to PRTA.

The annual membership fee can be made once a year or on a quarterly basis, not later than the 15th day of the first month of each quarter.

For companies who are willing to become PRTA commercial partners a special package is provided on the basis of the “Discover Vladivostok” project.

Companies who buy packages in the form of a service agreement contract are not considered PRTA members and cannot be elected to the board of directors, participate in PRTA meetings, or receive the additional preferences available to PRTA members.

Type of Service (packages) Minimum
60 000 rub per year
120 000 rub per year
600 000 rub per year
Placement of article on online travel guide (including writing the article and preparation of photographic materials) One language version All language versions All language versions
Announcements on social media accounts (Facebook, Instragram) Notice when article is published or updated 1 announcement per quarter Basic + promotion in other relevant social accounts
Video content (duration up to 30 sec; one camera; record & cutting) Video record when article is placed 2 video clips per year

*Placement of an article in the section is available for 6 positions at the same time.
**The service cost depends on current conditions and request.

The purchase of a service agreement contract is made in the form of advance payment in full or, by agreement of the parties, on a quarterly basis no later than the 15th day of the first month of the quarter.

All PRTA members or commercial partners are eligible for tourism marketing services provided by PRTA and financed through monetary contributions made by PRTA participants for the development of individual and collaborative projects.

All profits generated by PRTA will go into the development of collaborative projects aimed at promoting Pacific Russia as one of the world’s most attractive tourism destinations.